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Competitively Spread

We offer competitive floating spreads and the lowest overnight swap on all our CFDs.

EURUSD - 1.2 Pip

USDJPY - 1.5 Pip

GBPUSD - 1.3 Pip

XAUUSD - 0.4 Usd


OPEN FOREX is supervised by and has obtained the Derivative Broker License from the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia.

Client money protection

Data protection

High standard dispute handling

Cambodia Financial Developments

The Cambodian capital market is attracting attention from both domestic and offshore investors because of an expected improvement in return on investment and favorable tax conditions for investing in financial instruments.

Offshore investors can invest directly in this capital market after obtaining an investor ID from the regulated firm. That takes less than two weeks and can be done mostly online.

OPEN FOREX is under SERC's regulation to provide derivative instruments, don't miss the chance of development and investment opportunities in Cambodia!

Gain the trading experience you need and enter the market with confidence!

Unlimited usage

Real market conditions

Test trading strategies

Up to $100,000 virtual opening balance

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